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You'll be seeing many new 4x4 trail features here at Extreme 4x4.com. There are different ways of rating trail difficulty out there, but we decided to use one that's simple and easy to understand:
CIRCLE - EASY: Stock four-wheel drive vehicles of any kind can travel a circle-rated trail.
SQUARE - MODERATE: Four-wheel drive needed, as well as some driving skill. Larger tires and a traction-aid in a differential will make square-rated trails easy.
DIAMOND - DIFFICULT: Modified 4x4's required. Locking differentials, larger tires and suspension modifications, as well as good driving, will stand you in good stead on these roads and trails (a diamond-rated trail is equal to the old 4+-rating, so don't think a diamond trail is going to be easy).
DOUBLE DIAMOND - EXTREME: These are the ones we like. Well-modified 4x4's and experienced drivers MAY be able to get through these roads and trails. Body and mechanical damage likely.
This system isn't perfect, but it's much simpler than most rating systems. Remember, any rating system is subjective and YOU must be the one to evaluate any road or trail before you lock the hubs.

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